Is it time for...

...Plan B

Time for Plan B?

We've all said it at one time or another!

Plan B has always been more of a statement of intent than a business description but if Plan B was a brand it would reflect change, diversity, risk and urgency. It would counter conformity, it would challenge preconceptions; it would question the status quo.

So now that the Plan B ethos has nearly made it to maturity (we've been about for 21 years now) we are delighted to be still as involved as ever in hospitality, tourism and SME marketing and business development projects across the UK and Europe.

We've still got clients we had at the very beginning and it's still great fun. The delivery and distribution channels may have changed over the past twenty years but the principle hasn't. We continue to offer creative, straight talking solutions to the independent hospitality sector. We build online strategies, we design websites, we offer marketing solutions, we convert online business. We are immersed in tourism; we still love the golf sector; we get a kick out of working with our partners in the live music arena, we still host our own events and we still have great fun with our own occasional pet projects.

Not always an easy passage but we'll take it regardless and look forward to the next phase with the same passion. And of course if you need a Plan B you know where we are...

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